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This isn't a joke!
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Who am I?

I'm a 31 year old British Sikh guy living in London. Originally from Indian/African background.

Passion in growing businesses and music means I love what I do in life and therefore always in a state of happiness and gratitude.

I'm also spiritual, into fitness and love travelling.

**Disclaimer** - My favorite color is not pink! I just happen to have worn pink.

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What I'm looking for

Since covid, it's been tough to get yourself out there. Apps are declining and I'm more interested in meeting than countless texting & swiping. So it's time to do something more creative!

I'm open to any race for my ideal partner. Someone who is family orientated, humble, and wants to make the most of life. Appreciating humour and not taking life too seriously is key.

Having a good personality is important, with a positive and modern mindset (I am far from a traditionalist).

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Is this a joke?


No this is not a joke. I am serious about looking for someone for long term leading to marriage. I wouldn't have gone to all this trouble of getting myself out there if this was a joke

I'm interested, how do I contact you?


Great! Fill in the form below as much info as you can and I will get back to you. You can by all means contact me through my socials but I will be looking at form responses

I know someone who would be perfect for you, what should I do?


That's amazing, feel free to fill out the form below about them. I would prefer that they are aware and have seen at least a picture

What caste are you?


I don't believe in caste and think there is no intelligence in using this to determine your life partner

What's your socials?


My socials (Instagram and Tiktok) are at the bottom of the page to view

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